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Avid    Quart size. 8oz is no longer available. Number one for spider mites. Active chemical is Abamectin.  Mixing ratio is - tsp. to a gallon.   $ 289.95


Banner Maxx    Pint  size  or  gallon. Fungicide. Chemical class is Triazole. Works by a form of systemic action.  Mixing ratio is 1/3 –1/2 tsp. to a gallon. A pint makes approximately 250 sprayable gallons. Pint: $59.95. Gallon: $392.95


Baylton  Pint. A contact fungicide.  $8.25


Cleary’s 3336 FLO  Quart size. Fungicide. Chemical class is Benzimidazoles.

Works by systemic action. Mix ratio is -1 Tbs. a gallon    $54.95


Compass 50 WG  8oz size. The newest one out. It will eliminate Blackspot, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew and Rust. Rain and dew reactivate it. A reduced risk chemical. Mix ratio is - 1 tsp. to 4 gallons. It really works.    $199.95


Conserve SC  Quart size. One of the newest Biological chemicals to come out. A reduced risk chemical. Labeled for Spider Mites, Thrips, Cutworms and several species of Caterpillars. Mix ratio is 1 tsp. per 5 gallons of water for Leaf Beetles, Tent caterpillars, and Thrips. 1 ounce per 5 gallons of water for Leafminers and Mites. $84.25


Cygon 2E Dimethoate  Pint size. Insecticide for Aphids, White flies etc. $9.35


Daconil  Pint size. Contact Fungicide  $5.82


Dithane M45  6 oz or 2 lb. Size. Contact fungicide. Active ingredient is Mancozeb. Great none burning fungicide for warm areas of the country. Good all around chemical. Mix ratio is 1 TBS to a gallon   6oz  - $4.66 . 2 pound $13.28


Florimite Miticide-1 pound. A new one out I have tested with great results. Works in a different way than Avid. A good rotate chemical with Avid for total control.

Mix ratio is -1/2 tsp. to a gallon. Package comes in with 16 1-ounce water-soluble packets in it. $256.95


Heritage 50 DF  1 pound size. A broad-spectrum fungicide. Best for Downy Mildew.  $475.00


Hexygon Miticide 50%   6 oz. A good long term miticide. Mix ratio is 1/3 –1/2 tsp. to 5 gallons of water. $210.00


Indicate 5  One gallon. A great pH indicator for spray water. Chemicals work best if water pH is in the right range. Easy to use color chart on bottle. $32.00


Liquid Sevin 2F  Pint size . Insecticide    $5.50


Manzate 200  6 pound size. Contact fungicide. Active ingredient is Mancozeb. Another good one for the heat. Good all around chemical. Mix ratio is 1 TBS to a gallon  $22.25


Qrthene TO 1 pound Powder. Insecticide. General purpose bug killer. $14.95


RD 20 Pints and Gallons. A good greenhouse and tool cleaner and disinfector. Clean benches, floors or tools.  Pint $7.25  Gallon  $19.25


Reward T&O Quart size. A good herbicide for around roses. If it contacts the leaf it kills that leaf only and not the plant. May even just burn a hole in the leaf.  $43.95


Rubigan EC  Pint size. The best out for Powdery mildew. It controls it with great ease. Mix ratio is -1/2 tsp. to a gallon. $72.25


SubdueII Fungicide, Used as a drench to fight Downey Mildew and other forms of fungus. In a small size great for the small garden. 8 oz size $17.25. 8 one oz packets in a tub


Thuricide HPC  8 oz or pint size. The best biological control for worms. Caterpillars etc  8 oz.$3.75  pint $6.50


Fertilizers and supplements


10-30-20  Bloom Booster Water-soluble fertilizer. Bloom Booster. I use this most of the time. Helps give big blooms without the pH trouble of some.  25 lb. bag $23.04


20-20-20    Water soluble fertilizer. Good general purpose

fertilizer. 25 lb. bag $17.70


12-48-8 Plant Starter. Water soluble fertilizer I like this to get babies or new plants off to a good start. 25 lb. bag $22.50


Alfalfa Meal  50 lb. Great for making tea or as a soil supplement. $11.25


Cotton Seed Meal 50 lb. Used mostly in spring and fall organic applications.  $11.04


Dehydrated cow  50 lb. Also used as a soil supplement.  $6.60


Dolomite Lime Powder  50 lb. Used to correct soil pH. In powder form for faster action.  $4.20


Essential Minor Elements Used as a soil amendment. Adds most or all of the minor elements to boost plant growth.   5 lb. $3.75, 25 lb. $14.50, 40 lb. $17.25


Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) used to add magnesium to the soil. It is said to help increase basal breaks. A good soil analysis is highly recommended before use. Water Soluble type $14.10 50 lb., Top dress type $9.66 for 50 lb., $7.95 for 25 lb., $2.47 for 5 lb.


Gypsum Power Used as a soil amendment. Used to stabilize the soil and add calcium $7.40 for 50 lb.


Indicate 5  A color indicator for checking the pH of spray water. Proper pH of water makes the sprayed chemicals work better. Also helps to spread and stick spray to leaves. $32.00 for a one-gallon size.


Milorganite with 4% iron, an organic fertilizer used for many applications. Soil dress and when installing plants. Also used for lawns.  $8.25 for 50 lb.


Muncy’s Rose Mix 12-6-8, designed by us to meet the needs of roses. All the minors and elements are there and in a readily available form. Said to be the best around by the people using it. Roses really green up during use. Use at cup every other week during growing season. Adding Milorganite at cup every other week can have an added bonus. $9.95 for 50 lb.


Osmo Coat Plus 15-9-12, available in 3-4 month and 5-6 month. A slow release fertilizer for constant feeding. $57.95 for 50 lb.


Sol-Po-Mag, Soluble Potash and Magnesium. Used as a soil supplement. 0-22-10. $9.75 ,50 lb.


RD 20, A cleaner for your mist house or greenhouse. Cleans and disinfects tools, benches, floors. Kills fungus and bacteria on contact. Can also be used on plants to kill Blackspot on contact. $7.25 for a pint, $23.50 for a gallon.


Response Seaweed Fertilizer, It is the best one I have tested. It is even backed by Howard Walters, the Rambling Rosarian from the ARS magazine. I use it in my spray. Can be used as a drench or spray. IT REALLY WORKS!!. Makes leaves huge and green. Makes the overall plant look very healthy. $12.95 quart, $40.00 gallon.


Sequestrene 330 Iron, Chealeted iron in powder form. Corrects pale leaves. Adds iron to the soil. It is in a chealeted form for fast pickup by the plant. $27.00 for 5 lb.


Spreader sticker, Makes the water go smoothly on the leaves. Gives complete coverage. Makes chemicals work better due to better coverage. $3.25 a pint


Sulfate of Potash, A soil supplement. Helps correct problems found from a soil analysis. $2.50 for 5 lb., $18.25 for 50 lb.


Super phosphate 20%, used when installing plants here in Florida. Is used as a soil supplement. $2.10 for 5 lb.




ARS130DX  Pruner. Great pruner. Fits small and large hands. Stays very sharp. Cuts up to 5/8”. I have been using one for 2 + years and still no sharpening needed. Curved bypass blade. Hardened chrome blade to resist rust.  $26.00


ARS 140DX  Pruner. Same great features as the 130 but with a long nose. Looks like a good pair of scissors. Cuts up to 5/8”. Great for mini’s. $26.00


ARS 2 foot pruner with branch grip. A 2 foot reach for getting into the back of those beds or reaching small climbers easier. Branch grip brings the flower to you without dropping. Aluminum construction, commercial grade pruners.  $49.00


ARS 4-7 foot pruner. These are the ticket for pruning those tall roses or climbers. Telescoping from 4 feet to 7 feet. Has a branch grip to bring the flower to you without dropping. Aluminum construction. Commercial grade pruners. $118.45


Felco #2 pruners. The industry standard for pruners. The most popular. Good all around tool. Replaceable blades. $37.75


Felco #6 pruner. The smaller one for the small hand. All the same features as the #2 but smaller. Replaceable blades. $36.00


Felco #7 pruner. Top of the line, rotating handle. Very comfortable if doing a lot of pruning. $50.95


Felco #8 pruner. Same as the #7 but without the rotating handles. Ergonomically designed. $37.75


Felco #9 pruner. A true left handed pruner. All the same features as the #8 but left-handed. #37.75


Felco #10 pruners. A true left handed pruner with the same rotating handle as the #7. Very comfortable and a great one for doing a lot of pruning. $50.95


Felco #12 pruners. Same size as the #6, for smaller hands but has the rotating handle. $47.75


Felco Blades Replacement blades for your Felco’s. Original replacements. For the #2’s $8.25 and for the #6’s $7.75


Felco parts and repair kits. We handle all the parts needed to repair your favorite pruners. Blades, bolts, handles etc. Call for pricing.


Felco holster. Carry your pruners on your side so you stop misplacing them. Comes with belt loop and clip. $7.75


Felco #60 folding saw. The most popular. Great for pruning those big unproductive canes. $16.75


Ikabana and Bonsai pruning saw. This little thing is so neat it’s kinda cute. Very small but sturdy. Will get into those tight spots the big ones won’t. Very sharp and dependable. Great for mini's  $14.95


3M respirator. Should be using a mask with almost all sprays. Be safe and wear one. At this price you can’t go wrong. $17.25


Spider Mite Wand. Water is still the easiest way to rid your garden of mites. Mites drown with the use of high-pressure water. Very simple design. Uses your water hose. $7.95


Propagators Section


Dip-n-Gro rooting hormone. One of the most popular out. Can be mixed at different ratios to fit your needs. Water based formula. Small size comes with measuring cup. Small $4.95, Pint $22.95


K-Rain 10 minute timer. A mechanical timer for that mist house you always wanted. Uses pins to set number of times and length of run time in a 10 minute cycle. This is the one I use. Very dependable and accurate. $85.00


DIG Greenhouse timer. A new one to come out. A battery operated timer and valve in one. No wires to run or electric to deal with. Completely self contained. 1 Second to 12 hour cycles in 1-second increments. 4 different watering schedules for incredible diversity. Timer w/3/4” valve $115.00, Timer w/1” valve $120.00.


Rhizopon AA Powder #3. This is the best I have used so far. A 1 pound container will do about 30,000 cuttings. Powder form for ease of use. Contains 8% IBA $34.95


Rhizopon AA tablets. I use these to help eliminate transplant shock. It also helps excite new root growth. New big roots mean a big healthy plant. Can be used as a dip for rooting, mixed as a drench for transplanting etc.20% IBA per tablet. 20 tablets $8.95


Mist nozzles and valves. We carry a complete line of nozzles for the greenhouse or mist house. Call for more info and pricing.


Hobby Greenhouses. These are top of the line houses. All aluminum and stainless steel construction. Come in several sizes and many options. Call for more info and pricing.


Misc. Section


 K-Rose watering kit . A great simple kit for watering 20 roses. All parts and instructions included. A very simple system to install. Takes about an hour to install. Attaches to a standard hose outlet. Includes 100’ of ” line, 100’of ’ line, 3 tees, 1 elbow, and 20 shrubbler heads. Hold downs, installation punch and misc. parts also included. $52.95


Battery operated sprayers. Sizes available from 5 gallon to 500. All kinds of options on all sprayers. Call for info and pricing.


We are distributors for all of Phytotronics products. Grow lights, Electronic timers, pest strips, etc. Call for more info and pricing.


EZ Gro Fertilizer Injectors. These make growing roses simple. Just hook up to a water hose or a dedicated system and add fertilizer and watch the roses grow. Cap is adjustable for different ratios. Comes complete with instructions and all hardware. All you add is your fertilizer. I have people putting fertilizer, Sequestrene Iron, Water Sol Epsom Salts, Response, and anything else water sol. DON’T put fish emulsion or Alfalfa Tea in it. gallon low pressure $54.95, 1 1/3 gallon low pressure injector $64.95, 3 gallon low pressure injector $74.95, 3 gallon high-pressure $125.00. The high pressure is for use in multiple zones.



Small product section


Bayleton-Systemic Fungicide Contains 0.88% Bayleton in liquid concentrate. Controls Powdery Mildew, Blackspot and Rust. Ratio 1 TBS to 4 fluid ounces per gallon. 8 0z $7.50, Pint $11.94, Quart $18.25.


Diathane M45 Contains 80% Mancozeb. Controls Leaf Spots, Rust, Botrytis, Downey Mildew, and Blackspot. Ratio 1.5 TBS per gallon. 6 Ounce $4.66.


Ornamental and Vegetable Fungicide  Contains wettable powder. 75% Chlorothalonil. Same active ingredient as Daconil and Bravo. Controls many common leaf spot diseases. Ratio 1.5 TBS per gallon. 6 oz bottle $11.35, 1.5 LB Tub $25.50.


Thiomyl Systemic Fungicide Contains 50% Thiophanate Methyl Wettable Powder. Repackage of Cleary’s 3336. Controls Blackspot, Botrytis, and other diseases on ornamentals. Ratio 2.5 tsp. per gallon. 2 oz bottle $11.60, 6 oz bottle $25.50.


Cygon 2E Contains 23% Dimethoate (2LB/Gallon) Controls Aphids, Leaf Miners, Scale, Thrip, Mites and LeafHoppers. Ratio 1-4 tsp. per gallon. 8 0z $8.22, Pint $12.65, Quart $22.48.


Diazinon Insecticide 25% Contains 25% Diazinon (2LBS/Gallon). Controls Aphids, Mites, Leaf Miners, CabbageWorms, CutWorms. Ratio 1-4 TBS per gallon. 8 oz $5.70, Pint $8.00, Quart $13.04, Gallon $20.67, Gallon $37.44.


Dipel Dust Contains Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bacteria which kills worms). Same active ingredient as Thuricide. Controls Cabbage Lopper, Caterpillars, HornWorms and CutWorms. Ratio-Dust plants thoroughly. 4 LB bags $4.33.


Thuricide HPC Contains Bacillus Thuringiensis in liquid form. Controls Cabbage Lopper, Caterpillars, HornWorms, and CutWorms. Ratio 2-4 tsp. per gallon. 8 oz $5.20, Pint $9.03, Quart $14.78.

New Garden Insect Dust Contains 5% Methoxychlor. Controls many Caterpillars, Beetles and LeafHoppers like Japanese Beetles, Tent Caterpillars, Fall ArmyWorms and many more. Ratio-Dust plants to obtain full coverage. 1 LB Plastic Shaker $4.43, 4 LB Bag $5.40.


Sevin 50WP Contains 50% Sevin Brand Carbaryl Insecticide. Contols Fall Army Worms, Corn Ear Worms, Japanese Beetles, Tent Caterpillars and Thrips. Ratio 1.5 to 3 TBS per gallon. 12 oz $11.04, 1.5 LB Tub $14.00.


12-48-8 Plant Starter Soluble Fertilizer Ratio 1 TBS per gallon for spray and for drench 2 TBS per gallon. 3 LB $4.78.


Soil Acidifier Contains 90% Sulphur  in uniform pellets. No dust formulation. Ratio 1-1 LBS per 100 square feet. Do not overdose, have pH checked before making second application. 5 LB Bag $4.04.


20-20-20 Soluble Fertilizer Ratio 2 – 2 tsp per gallon. 1 LB Tub with measuring spoon $2.09, 5 LB Bag $7.59.


Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) Fertilizer grade Magnesium Sulphate, Magnesium as metallic 16.0%. Not for spray application. For Magnesium deficiency. Yellowing of leaves between veins. We recommend soil testing before use. Ratio 1 to 2 LBS per 100 sq ft or to 1 LB per 5 feet of tree spread. to cup per large plant. 5 LB Bag $4.12, 25 LB Bag $14.27.


Manganese Sulphate For controlling Manganese deficiency in soil. Leaves will have dark green veins with yellow areas between veins. Ratio 1/3 to 2/3 cup per 100 sq ft. 5 LB Bag $6.49, 25 LB Bag $22.57.


Sulphate of Potash 0-0-50 Fertilizer grade Sulphate of Potash. Not for spray application. Use in potassium low soils. Helps plants form healthier roots, stems and tubers. Ratio Lb per 100 sq ft. 5 LB Bag $4.49.

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